Veterinary Professionals: NOT Sales People!

AUTHOR:  Peter Alberti

I read this article today and wanted to comment on it.  #2 resonated with me in a big way — veterinarians truly are “wired” for their chosen profession.

I’ve come to recognize that the best value Pet Cause Media can provide to veterinarians is helping them with something most of them find fundamentally uncomfortable: “selling” to their clients. As an avid observer of human behavior, I was delighted to learn that what we offer is not only beneficial to the business (the practice) but also materially to the people in it.

This lesson, along with #2 from the article above, reminded me about my own preferences and how my own brain operates.  I started college with music school (sound recording technology) and had to take physics-based calculus.  I failed it twice; I could never get my head around the concept of gravity and falling objects.  But when I switched to business school and applied the exact same math to money (marginal rate of return, for example), I got an “A”.

Now that I have three kids and can see their preferences emerge through their school work and their activities, it’s that much more clear to me that people are just “wired” differently.  This isn’t a major revelation.  But how to make this concept productive?

Well, getting back to the veterinary profession — and why #2 in the article is important —

If you’re selling something to veterinary professionals, you’re much more likely to succeed if you focus on what drives them: helping animals and being a caring person.

If you’re selling something through a veterinary practice, ex. something the doctor recommends as part of the appointment or items for purchase at checkout, you have even more to consider.  Not only must you convince them to carry and recommend your products or services, you must assist them to sell through – because they purely and simply don’t want to sell anything.

It’s a win for all stakeholders if veterinarians find products and services to endorse and then successfully sell them to clients. Pets win – they get healthy, vet-recommended stuff. Pet owners win – they get confidence they’re doing the right thing for their pets.  But let’s not forget the veterinary professionals. They win too – not only by getting important things they endorse into the hands of the pet owners, but also by generating important revenues for their business.

It’s an epic fail, however, if vets want this stuff to be sold but can’t get it done because they are doctors, not sales people.

I will continue my quest to find ways to help veterinarians sell without selling.  What ideas do you have?

About Pet Cause Media

Pet Cause Media is the national leader in veterinary pre-education and digital out of home marketing in veterinary offices. We work closely with our veterinary and sponsor partners to ensure full compatibility and maximum results. Visit our website ( or contact Marshall Akita ( for more details.


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Peter Alberti

I am driven professionally do to "meaningful things with great people". I love helping people with business, especially people who don't have business as a first love.

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