How a Recent Customer Complaint Validated What We Do

AUTHOR: Peter Alberti

It might seem a little odd for us to reveal – in the title of a post, no less – that we had a customer complaint, but every business has to improve continuously and I live by the notion that, “it’s not if you will have problems, but how you handle them that matters.”  In this particular case, the customer is a veterinary practice who didn’t realize they could decline certain content on their screen — we allow this for all practices, as long as they permit at least some sponsorship to run, since this is what pays for the system.

OK – so we need to improve how we communicate that to practices.  No problem; we can do that.  But the point of this post isn’t about how we need to improve practice communications…

So how, then, did this complaint demonstrate the value of Veterinary Pre-Education Technology™?

The practice complained because we were running a couple of sponsorships for products they don’t carry, and – here’s the good part – clients kept asking them about these products, forcing them to say “we don’t carry that.”  They got frustrated having to say “no” to clients so they called us on it.

That’s right – our systems did exactly what we expected them to do – they encouraged clients to ask about what they saw on the screen!  Although we have plenty of data demonstrating that this happens when digital signage is present in a venue, it’s nice to know through unsolicited feedback (even if it’s a customer complaint) that our data is valid and that our system is effective.

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Pet Cause Media is the national leader in veterinary pre-education and digital out of home marketing in veterinary offices. We work closely with our veterinary and sponsor partners to ensure full compatibility and maximum results. Visit our website ( or contact Marshall Akita ( for more details.


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